Saturday, January 31, 2009

we want results no excuses

I would like to answer to Ingela “love your home” it’s a great topics about delegating work !

Bonjour Zelda, I just have to write you a few lines to let you know I think you are being so fortunate with your showroom and all this great potential of yours. I would love to have a hand or two to help me out sometimes with the tricky parts, but I end up doing them myself being way to meticulous with even smaller things. Your work looks fabulous.....

Do you have any French people working with you or are you the only one..... 



We have about 9 deferent nationalities working in Domain . Each one has it own talent, but the most important thing is the supervision, and the time you spend to adjust their knowledge to yours, it’s a constant exchange.

I do learn from them and they learn from me, using all kind of language as well, because Arabic and English talk by pakistanies, pashtoon tribes, Afghanis, Indians Bengalis Egyptians Indonesians you name it, is so far away from Shakespeare rhetoric.

So you have to adapt and create a commune language understandable to every one. I can say good morning in 9 languages with some variations.

The Owner of the company is Hassam Sallah Adin Munkar he is Syrian and all his family is working with us, it’s a family tree organization, a forest I would said. So every one is loyal to the management and feels the company as the homeland. Any MBA people would be totally lost and would not understand how we operate so well, most of our employees don’t even know how to read and write or if they do it’s in a secret alphabet. The Arabic and English writing that is make our computers tired and confused some time. The bilanguage is a bit scary sometime. The billing and contracts are made in English and Arabic.

I ‘m very meticulous as well, but when you operate such tanker such as DOMAIN you have to delegate and trust others, otherwise you will burnout yourself in no time. Those take time and effort, covering mistakes and redoing things on and on until they get it right. What is simple for you is sometime abstract for them and you must blame yourself for not being specific enough. Not them for being unskilled!

It is dangerous to keep on doing things right. Much important is to do the right thing

I created formats for every steeps, and communications, we still have some communications problems with carpenter reading execution drawings since they don’t figure out many of the codes when and still have some confusion about elevation, sections, side views, detail drawing, scales, and so on some time they get it with a sketch in perspective on the spot! .

I use to carve the wood by myself to show how I want a rose to be. It’s better than a million words, same as the painting, the gold, the antic finishing, and trust me I still never satisfied, but it’s me only.

Yesterday I went to a concert piano violin, Camille Saint-saens ,Debussy,and Ysaye , it was a massacre !!! of tune , I had to leave . And actually nobody I swear!! Nobody noticed the disaster. So everything is relative.

We are building so much furniture doing km of curtains every weeks , plus the outside jobs such as sites .  we can not keep on having micro management by individuals , dumping the work on managers without being specific “don’t have time you take care “ !!!  they must be impowered with authority and responsabilities .  we want results no excuses .


BY the folowing pictures , now you know How messy my office can be


vicki archer said...

It was wonderful to learn a little more about your business Zelda, a very enjoyable post. Happy weekend, xv.

Love Your Homes said...

So wonderful Zelda, to see and learn so much about you manufacturing all these lovely things and to understand how it operates in your part of the world. It is absolutely stunning to see how it can be created at one place.
I guess you love your job, right......your office looks great, a real designers.....

Thanks for giving such an informational post on my question, I hope not being unpolite.

Have a lovley weekend,

Zelda said...

Vicki , thank you so much because you probably not enjoyed the spelling mistake and the funky grammar that goes with it ;-) sorry in advance for my english writing .
Ingela! What make you think you ve been impolite !!??? you are so gracious in anything you write here . and I wish we can help each other !
if you want you are most welcome to come over stay with us for a week or tow and have a better idea that can help you back home . I can also back you up if you are having to much load of work . you know the planet is small , fed ex is fast . I do it for many clients all over the world .

Pascale said...

Me revoilà après avoir été en vacance,je te remercie pour tes bons voeux et te retourne les miens avec un peu de retard en espérant que pour toi cette année sera douce.


Mélanie said...

I love to know more about the stoy of your business . This is a fantastic experience . You are lucky