Sunday, January 18, 2009

First snapshot of the new show room , during set up

I'm jumping up and down , so happy ! and almost everything is sold already , we are working so much at the factory to replace it all , and it's not even open yet ! 

no easy to find names 
I usually take the first name that came to every body’s mouth.
That one is pretty obvious. Maybe not the best test ever but at least it’s not and other 3487ot-br334 code.


Paris Atelier said...

Zelda! I am so happy that all is going well for you! Everything is just stunning. I love that bed it's beautiful. I just got your last comment and you are so sweet!

ArchitectDesign said...

Congrats!! You have such great taste that I'm not surprised :-)

Alkemie said...

The salon chair is to die for! I Love it! This is very exciting and I look forward to seeing more photos :)

Karen O.