Wednesday, January 7, 2009

MY first fabric collection as finally arrived

It ‘s made in Italy and it’s silk and it's strong enough to upholstered, and it’s a very good price for any one who want. 

some more is on the way ........ TO BE CONTINUED 


Alkemie said...

WOW!!! Are these your own designs and product? Their really beautiful! I love all of the rich colors and patterns.

Zelda said...

yes they are . I spend lots of time in the factory with the waving engineers on the machines to get exactly the effect that I wanted. The damask pattern is traditional old design but we adjust the size of the repeat , the structure of the fabric ( vvvvvveeeryyyyy complicated ) the weight , the colors , …and so on. it took about 4 month to wave … so I must design my next collection from now !
thank you so so much for your comment ,i need support ;-) you are actuly the first to see it . and I've many other on the way .

Paris Atelier said...

Oh my goodness! Zelda, these are incredible! I would love to share these on my blog if you would not mind. I feel like sharing them with the world! They are so beautiful, absolute perfectioon! What an amazing talent you have, I feel so luck to have found you on this blog and the beauty that bring to people's lives is extraordinary.
I wish you much success and so admire your talent!

Love Your Homes said...

Bonjour Zelda,

I found your beautiful blog through Paris Atelier and I am really amazed by your work.

Being an interior decorator with my own workshop and a as boardmember of the national upholstery association here in Sweden, I am so amazed by the beautiful damask weaves.

Will you go international with these products, I am more than pleased to help you out. I believe talent shall come forward, and you have got talent.

Best regards

wendy humphreys said...

Those damask patterns are just a
slice of heaven, I can only imagine
how stunning they would look covered in a wonder chair in my
living room.
Just breath taking!

ParisBreakfasts said...

Just sumptous!!!
Simply divine...