Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Magic just made of threads

In the factory
The design studio
Preparing the samples for colours and structure . that phase is long and difficult but it will define the richness the finial spirit of the fabric , the same colours the same pattern the same material can look cheap or riche just by the structure . it’s a very delicate procedure ….

Even tired and put under pressure , operating noisy machines , those Italians still smiling joking patients and helpful … it ‘s a blessing to work with them .

I'm a Damask junky

Yesterday on my mail , my factory send me those pictures of one of the Louis XV sofa that we are producing now .. so before having the exclusive pictures of my new fabric on the magic weaving machine , here you go in the upholstery section …

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Silk Silk Silk and utopia

Ferdinand I, had a hunting lodge built for himself on this site. He was a very skillful hunter who disliked the pleasures and luxury of court life. It was here that Charles and the young king Ferdinand built a silk factory. The complex was transformed into a silk production site and industrial buildings were added, which was quite unique in late 18th-century Europe. Architect Francesco Collecini designed these industrial buildings, where noisy looms were installed next to royal apartments and a sitting room became a chapel for the workers.
A new village was built for workers' residences, and a large community of silk weavers grew into this industrial town, which in 1789 was deemed the "Real Colonia dei Setaioli" (the Silk Weavers Royal Colony). The king had planned to expand it into a true new city, called Ferdinandopoli, but the project was halted by the French invasion ….. damned French !!
So now I’m in Napoli doing some silk in one of the heritage silk factory …

Monday, September 15, 2008

chaise longue Keiko san

So because right now I’m in Italy having break fast so wonderful facing the vesuvio and Capri Island , i give you a page of my furniture book , to keep you posted …

That chaise long is upholstered with a taffeta silk reinforced with a special material at the back and I made it with embroidery after stitching the fabric , to give a very precious look
I named it after my Japanese friend Keiko

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Better home made than never! the system D+

8 weeks for the order at Zuber wall paper ... and it cost a fortune, I made hand painted on “canvas” in 10 days 4 masters ,perfectly cut to size … I’ m so happy with the result .

HOOOOO SoLE MiO …. I’m going to ItAliE .

So wile I m packing, I give you some interesting outstanding literature about Me..
I backed the illustration home-made by myself since they were asking each designer to give an original picture of himself … when the design guide was printed and out in the wild the 20 other designers look smart and tidy and fabulously designers and I looked completely of tune nuts ….. but 2 years later ,,,, people still remember me . but I never asked why ….
Well I assume . voila !

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What’s make you happy is not the interior it’s what you live in it !

I want to say something super important. Interior design is nice, every thing look perfectly matching, and net , and who ever lived in that house must be lucky and happy , well !!! Be realistic, yes interior design is a form of art , but let the life enter your home ! something not matching , a bit of dust , an old letter you can not thru away , cats hair from cats love and so what the fabric is changeable , kids stuff here and there , let your friend smash your cushions under their butt , because all this is what's makes you really happy ! before all interior design act.

ATRIUM is so ROME-antique

I totally adore that word ! a-tri-um . isn’t it so Rome-antique ?
I design that Atrium in that big Arabic palace that I’m doing now. It’s just a previous presentation nothing technical really , actually the h. has changes since than for municipality reasons… well I just love that piece I spend lots of time designing it .

Monday, September 8, 2008

When the salon means “Salam”

Here is the elevation of a diwanya that I recently designed in one of a big project that I’m doing now .
It is one of the most important rooms in an Arabic living house. Every room are kind of special and sophisticated but the diwanya is the heart of the social and family life witch take a huge place in the Arabic life style all year long .
The inspiration is mostly Ottoman, Syrian Lebanese influence wish were included in the Ottoman empire. That style is rich and luxurious, request a tremendous amount of hand work from fine craftsman from the area. … Lucky me …. I’m in the region!.
To design that house I studied Ottoman architecture and details intensively for more than 2 years, following rules and symbolic.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

From paper to site. Almost witch craft

Now in one second beffor you , months of labor …
It is actually old work of mine , because today I’ve been doing BOQ ,nothing attractive , and Ramadan is slowing down the work very much .
So I will post post post any way , 20 years of interior design behind me I can keep up for the next 40 Ramadan in row …no prob .

Friday, September 5, 2008

Let it go people! It’s just wood!

Here a little close-up of one of my site . there is something I’d like to say …

Dear Honorable Clients,
I know you appreciate what we have chosen together and you value it, but please stop putting glass over everything flat that hold something on the top. The varnish is perfectly ok and a little scratch just adds a bit more charm to your freshly purchased reproduced antique furniture. Because if you want the piece deserving to carry on the word antique, let it go!!....
And by the way ,condensation under glass in a real bad luck for the wood ,,,, you know “ when it rain it poor” trust me on that one !
Ps: it is ugly to !