Monday, June 22, 2009

The bedouin villa

I'm sure you've ALWAYS had that question " how does it look inside " Am I right ? …. Well … here for you exclusively the answer direct from the end of the world ' Salmy" north desert of Kuwait …

The inside of the tent is made of 'Sadou" the tipical Bedouin gulf fabric , , it's very comfortable , cozy and supposedly Scorpio free "" well ,I have seen them running around the kitchen area in an other tent .
The center part is the "working station " cupboard fire pots stuff for Narguila , and lots of goodies

This people of the desert are extremely welcoming , you are basically a true entertainment for them … it's pretty boring out there .. rhythm by camel in camel out , praying , eating praying ,sleeping .

The red Chevrolet 1975 belong to the grand-pa , he look serious on the picture but he was funny as hell calling the all planet with his grand-son mobile to spread the news , blondy is in his tent ,
Him and hi falcon look stunning I have to admit

Friday, June 19, 2009

I love Suisse and Suisse love me

familly time
Green is the color I miss the most.
Family is the humans tribe I miss the most
Clean streets is the suranding I miss the most
Just tow days of break from hectic life.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reve du Desert , the Sahrai in Milan

it's a blend of wool linen and Silk , natural colors no chimical never fade ! I KNow it I deal with those people since ages !!! and so far no complain at all !!
dinner on a carpet ... how exotic

wool and silk collection "under water world is an absolut blast ! in real

cool presentations

Roya's office with those absolut beautiful Italian procelaine chandeliers from famous MANGANI ... I could not resisted I order some for the showroom in kuwiat , the price is so so atractive according the fabulous quality .... NOT MADE IN CHINA !

Roya on her father carpet ,,,, she look tiny but the carpet is insanly huge !

she's the only on to do that kind of carpet

you really feel that you are in MILANO any way !!!

this is Tibetan wrinting , so so perfect !

Sono a Milano
I'm in Milan selecting incredible exclusive carpet design by Roya Sahrai an Iranian chic frenshy Italian women who has been in the business of of caret genetically for the last past million years . her and her brother and sister are located in an even more amazing place , THE " La Scala' side Building itself . so while ballet and opera is going on behind the wall , you walk on silk fluffy carpets in the Sahrai'sahrai .
the ultimate Milanese experience , soon in Kuwait in DOMAIN