Sunday, January 31, 2010

The diwanya

The Dewaniya mistakenly & commonly called Diwaniya, has existed in Kuwait since time immemorial. The term originally referred to the section of a bedouin tent where the menfolk and their visitors sat apart from the family. In the old City of Kuwait it was the reception area where a man received his business colleagues and male guests. Today the term refers both to a reception hall and the gathering held in it, and visiting or hosting a dewaniya is an indispensable feature of a Kuwaiti man’s social life.

Dewaniya became a fundamental part of Kuwaiti life. Hence, it has become a mark in their traditional daily life.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Splendor of an aristocratic past

Today I came across that post on and I felt a vibrant emotion about that picture. I've seen that type of interior in Egypt especially, where old aristocracies was totally deprived of their belongings and properties by a government overthrown.

Cuba or Cairo, many glorious countries suffered deeply in their beauty and pride. We shall never forget that a safe today is fragile enough to appreciate our bounty.

The work of photographer Michael Eastman rarely shows human subjects. Absent from the photos themselves, the person in Eastman’s work becomes the viewer whose imagination takes them through the empty door, up a spiral stair, or into a room where the story of a life can hang from a clothesline beneath a baroque chandelier.

His images from his Cuba series present a past, now frayed at the edges, but unlike America, not cast away or abandoned, but captured in the here and now, frozen in time. From the photographer’s perspective, the present now co-exists in the degraded splendor of an aristocratic, colonial past. Castro’s Havana has neither the interest or the resources to eradicate what the revolution rejected. Were it for us such places would be restored, gentrified perhaps. But then the very people whose lives hang from the clothesline beneath the baroque chandelier of Isabella’s Two Chairs would once again be invited to enter such spaces only by invitation.

John Keats once wrote “beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all ye know on Earth and all ye need to know.” Which is why Eastman’s image of a fadingly corroded beauty infused with a narrative that speaks of romantic decay and genteel decline is This Day’s Notable Aesthetic. Beg to differ?

Michael Eastman: Isabella’s Two Chairs, 2000

Sunday, January 10, 2010

simply luxury ... ski chalet

Morning after night of snowing

She 's a traineau wolf dog , adorable bleu eye .

the salon with a centered cheminee in the big salon dining room is the atraction of that so warm room . big lamp shade in cow skeen are hanging from wooden ceiling . most of lighting accesories are from "Bleu Nature" en bois flotte , wood is everywhere with stones and leather .

bathe room are really an attraction all of theme are different stone bassin or wood antique pc of wood for cupboards everything is detailed , it luxurious primitive , I adore it !

cosy bed rooms , you sleep so well in wooden houses

I had a little break in the french Alps mountains with family and friends , I was invited by adorable friend who built their own little "ameau' few meters away from the forest with a ski piste ending right in front of the kitchen door .

Marc is a very successful business man who decided not only to build his house in wood but buy the factory in Ester europe to spread luxurious wooden houses all over europe .

Marie Annique his wife , a told blond pretty lady help for the interior and here you have a very great cocktail of beauty simplicity and warmness .

the chalet is provided with all technology possible , leather electrical wiring accessories , spa , swimming pool and the most amazing bathtub I ever saw in my life carved in a huge rock . when I visited it kids were playing in there so for privacy reason I will not post the pictures .

If you need any information concerning construction of wooden house , please do not hesitate to post me your email I will give you all with great pleasure .

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Who speak about crises in Kuwait !?

I was away for sometime in my French mountains , than voila ! I’m back and presenting you some of our product during the end of this year …. Since europe is going more ecco , simple , recycled , meddle east still more luxurious as ever , this morning I was driving around going to ours show rooms at deferent locations and I have been amazed by the sizes and the exterior sign of wealth this country is exhibiting among the streets , as if each villa is a government project as landmark , the competition between neighbors is of limits . I’m wandering if they still have enough money to buy furniture J . any way beside that fact that sometime it is a bit out of proportions and tricky complicated detailed architecture , the architects skills are fully used for their good .