Sunday, February 28, 2010

news News News

Dear All I haven't been posting much this days
We are renewing a showroom , create a new concept for Domain fabric Showroom , and DOMAIN sun city
we are opening an other "DOMAIN Factory" show room at the "Factory" with a new concept and a very creative new look make over ,you name it ! for our big Boat that is that industrial building that survive Iraq invasion , sand storm , hot summers , cold winters , it deserve a new pride ... a new life .
mooving around heavy machinery with everybody muscle even the big CEO , excepted me, i'm the girl here :-) . well it has bee hectic . and when the times come ...soon soon soon total new pics of our operation .
Crises is almost over and we re preparing for the big boom !
here some pics of the week .. random as usual . Minou-cat is all over the place now .

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Anneke from Paradise -ESPRITE NOMADE

Anneke Van Waesberghe is one of those wonderful person that you meet rarely in your life . I found her in a middle of the Bali jungle 10 years ago where she create an absolute sanctuary of "dolce vita" since then she has been working of mobile paradise home such as super deluxe tents and all you need you live the perfect jungle adventure in luxury taste and quality .
She is available in Bali and will give all her informations by mail if you asked for .
enjoy !!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Soon renovated - Domain Fabric

Our little show room DOMAIN-FABRIC , was design by Christopher Davis the previous designer of DOMAIN , I always loved his little tropical touch , but now it's time to move on and the new show room is about to open next month with a different concept , with cache and carry fabrics and accessories . it's going to be blast !

the little russian set ... and so on

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Anti-stress Manager in DOMAIN head quarter

let me introduce you to our new DOMAIN staff in charge of a New department
Anti-stress Manager ...... He still don't have a name , any suggestions