Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Anti-stress Manager in DOMAIN head quarter

let me introduce you to our new DOMAIN staff in charge of a New department
Anti-stress Manager ...... He still don't have a name , any suggestions


Love Your Homes said...

Hi Mate,
you are looking really position working as anti-stressed manager. Do you need a secretary?
I think I prefer some warm sun, my home is covered in snow.

Miew to you from Kletus

Zelda said...

for now every one in the company is greeting me , they are probably seeking a good report and a raise .. :-) . right now I'm testing the designer sofa , chair , printer key board , cool sample room !, and my new toilet near the"smoker" production manager office door that he has to keep close now .
think you having better time in heated warm cosy love home , ,, you know you don't want to go throw immigration stuff ...

meow .... still don't have name .