Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Baghdad mummified in the 80’s

The Al rasheed hotel, tired with no maintenance, war damages, but still alive functioning poorly with minimum staff and electricity , but the amazing quality used at that time keep it in a good shape despite the situation 

The airport VIP lounge speak by itself 

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Dubai that I love .

You are maybe not very familiar with that Dubai.
Beside the crowd the numerous malls the fancy living and the Disney-kind of scene park for grownup where everything is to clean and pretty to be honest . here are the vestige of the real gulf . mummified into a “clean-pretty” look . But they did conserved it kept it. wish is a good thing because most of the Gulf countries did not yet realized how valuable is their heritage , such as Kuwait , old mud house and “ madinas”(old city or village) have been turn down by hungry promoters and nothing remain but one or two “diwanya” and mosques .

The ancient Arabic living is very interesting in terms of surviving skills , How this peoples survived in tremendous summer heat , with little imported water from Iraq , surrounded by aggressive desert .

They had to be a fantastic team work for anything at any stage of life. Blending into the environment, understanding nature and hidden bounties provided, having little needs and great pride for what they achieved in life rather than what they accumulate in materials.
Reading the surface of the sea to avoid being stuck on traveling sand dune in the meddle of open sea , they hade to put their life in God’s hand to dare navigating without instruments on a such basic barge sleeping on the deck eating dates and dry fish .

Where is that knowledge today ? only little of them remembered and it was not so long ago those mans still alive but silent no body cares really , they are more vestige than heroes . it ‘s to shiny outside to look at the inside .

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The palaces entrances doors .
9 doors of 6 panels. interior wood made in our work shop in Syria by traditional masters , and the brass inlayed with silver is made in Egypt by skilled craftsman … the result is a master piece ! and I’m very proud of it .

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Princess’s dining room

Custom design dining table in marble 8 heavy heavy heavy feet in marble , sophisticated curtains on the window to the indoor garden , French console , custom made cabinets in solid wood … well, I worked hard on that one , I suggested the red damask from day one ! but they changed it maybe 10 times for finally go back to first choice .
I kind of love it , my only regret is the floor marble white tassos! … it should be a warm cozy parquet . but here they absolutely don’t like wood on the floor , don’t know why .
Any way here it is and I’m pretty proud of it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rendering stuff

That little British piece of furniture has been hand draw by a Japanese client designer Mr Yoshiharu I just did the rendering for a better understanding of finishing and sizes presented to the final customer .

Big door for my big show room . opening soon soon soon .

Thursday, November 13, 2008


That apartment has been design in less than a day !Inspired by anything that was digested in that same day + with left over sofa frame available in the factory , some ready made design for furniture … and voila one week and some Ikea stuff latter , here mission accomplished and tenant can move in today .