Monday, November 17, 2008

Trying new finishing


franki durbin said...

Oh my goodness! It's fascinating to look at. How would you describe the technique?

Also.. wanted to mention that my dad is in Kuwait at the moment. He'll be there all year. Maybe we should chat about the Kuwaiti love of design?

Zelda said...

The technique :
Is about deliberately to leave the red “ assiette” appearing , normally it is under the gold leaves. about 5 coatings the 4th one is light coral so you can see it appearing after rubbing the first coat , for more relief , and I damaged it deliberately with nails holes , hammer scratch to give it a bit of aging …. Well it’s a kind of soup preparation with a bit af everything … the top will be black lacquered with gold Chinese décor …that’s an adventure!
About adventure , what is your dad do in Kuwait maybe if he need any help in that new country I’ will be glad to help him ! I’m a veteran here ;-)