Saturday, August 30, 2008

Embroaderies … far far from granny

Since my slim beautiful stylish Mac keyboard was baptize with Arabic café and did not survive it , I could not write any thing readable . my key board passed away the same day , and I have the fear of the blanc page .
Any way they found for me a dusty old USB key board somewhere hidden in the factory, and here I m talkative again with my lousy English …FORGIVE ME people !

So here is some ambroaderie with springs , we ‘v been doing anything possible in the galaxie with beads , silk , colors , coins , mirrors , you name it ! so now it’s time to move on and try something different … the work shop for embroideries is one of my favorite place , it’s calme , clean , and I admir this Indian craftsmen who are doing it . but still , when lines are starting to go zigzag and the guy insure me swearing on his mum’s head that it’s strait .. well man you need glasses here they are and wear it ! please ….
That technique is long and precise , we need 2 days to complete a flower like that , and 3 to do that chair with 2 craftsmen.

MoRe Red

Thursday, August 28, 2008

little landscaping escape ...

Just a little landscaping for a friend few month ago…(I'm home with a flu ) . garden in Kuwait is limited since it is a very dry and hot desert . garden are very precious here and well taking care of .
Actually if I would design for myself, I would not be so formal. My friend is aware about that ;-) … I really don’t like turquoise swimming pool!
stones , marble, white 60 x 60 ceramics , marine blue, Byzantine mosaic , what ever but pleaaaaaaasssse no more turquoise … it's so not matching any architecture !? Especially classic! In that case the house is an environmental Egyptian style , so hopefully it will work out with a little bit of a twist …

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Before and after . Becoming drama queen console

That console is in our stock from God knows where . proportions are weird a bit . So I decide to push it up to be “theatral” and elegantly incorrect.
But I really like the result



Sunday, August 24, 2008

wanna-be , wanna-be-not , the oriental touch

Client of the middle East are very exigent, they need to visualize photographically any corner of their future interior .
Preparing a presentation take much more time here than any where is the world . Simplicity is not in the vocabulary it must be sophisticated and quite obvious.
Codes in the society are very deferent than in the western world.
Building a house is before all, a political act, a demonstration of family power more than a cozy home sweet home. You don’t always create the guest area at client’s image but at what other’s expect him to represent. It is a very intricate research when it comes to the design phase. Not every one is able to read the “wanna-be “ rather than the “I am” but for sure the ‘I-want” is involved …big time ;-)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My father desk

Since I was a little girl I always have seen that desk under piles of papers, objects, dirty ashtray, I actually never knew the color of the leather. It was my father desk, he was an antique dealer in Paris.
I finally reproduce it by memory.
But the other day when I was visiting my brother I discover that the top was green. Now when we talk by skype I can see it behind him.
My brother’s wife is more tidy than my dad …obviously.

The carpenters fixing the brass

la renaissance d'une console Louis XIV

Friday, August 22, 2008

It's time to say it loud

I 'm working in the middle east since 11 years , but I kept my French back ground as intact as I could , but I've also adapted my design to that regions life style , it's an every day challenge , but a wonderful adventure . I found in the region a garden of talented and knowledgeable craftsman .Our factory is where we harvest that talent . I'm here to open a window on what we are doing , far away in the desert . We are ready to spread our wings because we all ready learn how to fly abroad .Now it's time to say it loud .