Saturday, August 30, 2008

Embroaderies … far far from granny

Since my slim beautiful stylish Mac keyboard was baptize with Arabic café and did not survive it , I could not write any thing readable . my key board passed away the same day , and I have the fear of the blanc page .
Any way they found for me a dusty old USB key board somewhere hidden in the factory, and here I m talkative again with my lousy English …FORGIVE ME people !

So here is some ambroaderie with springs , we ‘v been doing anything possible in the galaxie with beads , silk , colors , coins , mirrors , you name it ! so now it’s time to move on and try something different … the work shop for embroideries is one of my favorite place , it’s calme , clean , and I admir this Indian craftsmen who are doing it . but still , when lines are starting to go zigzag and the guy insure me swearing on his mum’s head that it’s strait .. well man you need glasses here they are and wear it ! please ….
That technique is long and precise , we need 2 days to complete a flower like that , and 3 to do that chair with 2 craftsmen.


viera said...

Hi Zelda ,
I just came across your blog. Very Interesting. Love the fabrics - rich, elaborate!!
I lived in Dubai and Abu Dhabi so blog brouht memories, Thanks

Zelda said...

hi Viera . i'm so gladd you end up here , my blog is one week old , I actualy love your test , more apropriate for Dubai metropolitan style . in kuwait they LOoooVVEEEE prince and princess style ;-)

Mélanie said...

Love this embroidery ! Fantastic work