Thursday, May 19, 2011


 I LOVE : flower on my desk

Flower on my finger
Cool Car in the neighbourhood

cool shoes on my Client's feet for site visit

cool watch and bag on site visit


mess in the meeting table

Sunday, May 8, 2011

THANK YOU TO ALL MY DEAR Friends who supported me ...

Najma my lovely client making a flower arrangement
My friend Elias from Lebanon , driven by mutual admiration

 Keiko Mutho as you already know her ... look like a porcelain doll this night
Hafaf , the best even maker in Kuwait seating in the chair shiny as always .

 Walid Khalil , probably the most brilliant mind and kind soul I know , supportive and guiding me 

Left : Mahmoud Salah project manager and architect MY MANTOR !since 15 years , Aaly Farkouh architect  a great figure in kuwait , and Eng Sami fouad  GM Arabi enartich

Mahmoud showing the project we did

My Adopted Familly - Anna Maria et Rosario Vigliar . Anna maria is my trully gardian angel

Toufic , my best freind since 15 years , he is better than a brother ,much better !

Bashar my twin adopted brother , we literally flipping out for same stuff same time same taste same humor , same crazy, that's a rare connection , Hafaf her boss the most lovely strong energetic in-lighted person I know here !

 CLaudia my adorable colorful fashion designer , and now fashion manager at Al ostoura bravo !! habibity
Anglique, life advisor , dear friend for years and years , a real princess for real in life in reality , I love her straightness , she always have the right words at right time , she always been here for me for good and bad moment and that's what's matter the most ...

right to left  :My partner Gobran Saba , the kindness and straightness combined in one man . and Mahmoud sala , and the great Artist Mohamad Ali . and Eng Sami Fouad GM Arabi Enartich

Girl talk

And thank to all the visitors that are not on picture for dicretions reasons . i'm really glad you came .