Monday, June 20, 2011

Serralunga -1825 pots in progress

 Serralunga’s 1825 collection revolutionized the concept of garden furniture by being focused on innovation, since five generations of experience.

Born out of a desire to combine a knowledge of traditional values with cutting edge highly contemporary concepts, the initial product line was conceived with the precise aim of introducing the pot as a decorative element, in fact for the first time, the simple flower holder has been admired in terms of its aesthetic value. Over the years, this trend was developed in line with new materials, technologies and aesthetics: the illuminated pots illustrate this evolution considering their lifestyle concept able to enhance different surroundings.

The collection today, reinforced by Serralunga’s indisputable quality, uses the talent of many well known designers, and is extended to the field of interior design. Furnishing accessories therefore become focused on a constant aesthetic renewal, making the 1825 collection even more exclusive and unique.

I love everything this guys do !