Sunday, August 24, 2008

wanna-be , wanna-be-not , the oriental touch

Client of the middle East are very exigent, they need to visualize photographically any corner of their future interior .
Preparing a presentation take much more time here than any where is the world . Simplicity is not in the vocabulary it must be sophisticated and quite obvious.
Codes in the society are very deferent than in the western world.
Building a house is before all, a political act, a demonstration of family power more than a cozy home sweet home. You don’t always create the guest area at client’s image but at what other’s expect him to represent. It is a very intricate research when it comes to the design phase. Not every one is able to read the “wanna-be “ rather than the “I am” but for sure the ‘I-want” is involved …big time ;-)

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