Thursday, November 20, 2008

Princess’s dining room

Custom design dining table in marble 8 heavy heavy heavy feet in marble , sophisticated curtains on the window to the indoor garden , French console , custom made cabinets in solid wood … well, I worked hard on that one , I suggested the red damask from day one ! but they changed it maybe 10 times for finally go back to first choice .
I kind of love it , my only regret is the floor marble white tassos! … it should be a warm cozy parquet . but here they absolutely don’t like wood on the floor , don’t know why .
Any way here it is and I’m pretty proud of it.


franki durbin said...

Wow... those table legs are quite regal. I just love them. The colors... this is so very fitting for the region. My father has photos from when he stayed in one of Saddam's "micropalaces" and the opulent furnishings were astonishing and quite frankly very 80's.

But you've pulled of a very regal, royal look without it being ostentatious. It takes a skilled hand (and eye) to arrive at that balance!

OLIVEAUX said...

Wow! So fitting for a Princess, how amazing to work on a project like this...well done!

Pascale said...

I was just wandering if you could help me, with my husband, I am hoping to start exporting some of my antique chairs and sofas, but have no real contacts.
Do you know of anyone who might be interested.

Thank you in advance,


P.S. An English friend helped me type the text.

viera said...

Great job Zelda!
Very "Princess" and tastefull.
Thanks for including me in your list!

Paris Atelier said...

STUNNING!!!! Any Princess would be lucky to live here :) You are amazing :)