Sunday, February 7, 2010

Soon renovated - Domain Fabric

Our little show room DOMAIN-FABRIC , was design by Christopher Davis the previous designer of DOMAIN , I always loved his little tropical touch , but now it's time to move on and the new show room is about to open next month with a different concept , with cache and carry fabrics and accessories . it's going to be blast !


Mélanie said...

I wish I would a show room like that , mine is such a mess

Burlesque Gallery and Interior Design said...

Hi Zelda,
I absolutely love your blog. Full of color and life:)
I wanted to know how I could contact you to purchase some of your fabric collection but I cant seem to find a number or way to reach your showroom. Kindly provide me with one, as I am working on a large project, and would love to integrate your fabrics into it.
Hoping to hear from you soon.