Sunday, January 10, 2010

simply luxury ... ski chalet

Morning after night of snowing

She 's a traineau wolf dog , adorable bleu eye .

the salon with a centered cheminee in the big salon dining room is the atraction of that so warm room . big lamp shade in cow skeen are hanging from wooden ceiling . most of lighting accesories are from "Bleu Nature" en bois flotte , wood is everywhere with stones and leather .

bathe room are really an attraction all of theme are different stone bassin or wood antique pc of wood for cupboards everything is detailed , it luxurious primitive , I adore it !

cosy bed rooms , you sleep so well in wooden houses

I had a little break in the french Alps mountains with family and friends , I was invited by adorable friend who built their own little "ameau' few meters away from the forest with a ski piste ending right in front of the kitchen door .

Marc is a very successful business man who decided not only to build his house in wood but buy the factory in Ester europe to spread luxurious wooden houses all over europe .

Marie Annique his wife , a told blond pretty lady help for the interior and here you have a very great cocktail of beauty simplicity and warmness .

the chalet is provided with all technology possible , leather electrical wiring accessories , spa , swimming pool and the most amazing bathtub I ever saw in my life carved in a huge rock . when I visited it kids were playing in there so for privacy reason I will not post the pictures .

If you need any information concerning construction of wooden house , please do not hesitate to post me your email I will give you all with great pleasure .


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

gorgeous details in that home! LOVE it!! Lucky you!

Janine Aqui said...

Greetings from the Caribbean and THANK YOU for your wonderful blog...beautiful! I am very interested in the luxurious wooden houses and would appreciate receiving the website details via my email address
Thank you!

Viera said...

Zelda what a fantastic retreat. I wish for a nice ski holiday. It is 35 + degrees here in Australia.
Big difference.
Take care.

TheCluelessCrafter said...

Zelda, indeed, those powder room wash basins are amazing. To wash your face in that every morning must have been a delight. I truly feel transported to Europe from these lovely photos.

I would love to swap posts with you! Today's most isn't about design, but it's about self confidence (which is the type of the design that will always be classic).

I must say I am glad to have found your blog!

Mélanie said...

Gorgeous details ! may be we were not too far from each others ! i was in la Plagne !
This chalet is stunning !!

Ridwan said...

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