Saturday, January 9, 2010

Who speak about crises in Kuwait !?

I was away for sometime in my French mountains , than voila ! I’m back and presenting you some of our product during the end of this year …. Since europe is going more ecco , simple , recycled , meddle east still more luxurious as ever , this morning I was driving around going to ours show rooms at deferent locations and I have been amazed by the sizes and the exterior sign of wealth this country is exhibiting among the streets , as if each villa is a government project as landmark , the competition between neighbors is of limits . I’m wandering if they still have enough money to buy furniture J . any way beside that fact that sometime it is a bit out of proportions and tricky complicated detailed architecture , the architects skills are fully used for their good .


Mélanie said...

where were you in France! I hope you had a great time ! Bonne année Zelda !!!

Maria Killam said...

Wow that yellow sofa is to die for!

Zelda said...

i'm gonna post where I was ,,, it was such a beautiful place . Meribel in the Alps . beautiful chalet .
thank you for greating girls