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Friday, June 19, 2009

I love Suisse and Suisse love me

familly time
Green is the color I miss the most.
Family is the humans tribe I miss the most
Clean streets is the suranding I miss the most
Just tow days of break from hectic life.


vicki archer said...

Enjoy your family time Zelda....Have a happy weekend, xv.

Zelda said...

thank you so much Vicki

My Castle in Spain said...

Thank you for your sweet comment...
and what a funny coincidence, today i finally made up my mind to attend a family wedding in Genève next month.. Suisse est belle
enjoy it!

viera said...

Have a lovely time with your family.

Oliveaux said...

Enjoy the time with your family! Ax

Zelda said...

thank you all ,,,, but I'm all ready back to kuwait and back to work , busy busy .... it was 3 days paradise only

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Well Zelda...hopefully that three days will be the wind beneath your wings that you need!

Zelda said...

Well Linda ,I like your way ,and I wish to be more poetic in my life . as you are . thanks bella