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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Silk Silk Silk and utopia

Ferdinand I, had a hunting lodge built for himself on this site. He was a very skillful hunter who disliked the pleasures and luxury of court life. It was here that Charles and the young king Ferdinand built a silk factory. The complex was transformed into a silk production site and industrial buildings were added, which was quite unique in late 18th-century Europe. Architect Francesco Collecini designed these industrial buildings, where noisy looms were installed next to royal apartments and a sitting room became a chapel for the workers.
A new village was built for workers' residences, and a large community of silk weavers grew into this industrial town, which in 1789 was deemed the "Real Colonia dei Setaioli" (the Silk Weavers Royal Colony). The king had planned to expand it into a true new city, called Ferdinandopoli, but the project was halted by the French invasion ….. damned French !!
So now I’m in Napoli doing some silk in one of the heritage silk factory …


viera said... Napoli... you lucky one

Zelda said...

Even better I’m in Caserta where there is the royal palace and the silk factories where they produce all the big brand such as Noblis , canovas ,. it 's a blast to be here for my own production . will post later some picture . plus it ‘a a real beauty and excellent food … it is the dream that we have about dolce vita …