Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Magic just made of threads

In the factory
The design studio
Preparing the samples for colours and structure . that phase is long and difficult but it will define the richness the finial spirit of the fabric , the same colours the same pattern the same material can look cheap or riche just by the structure . it’s a very delicate procedure ….

Even tired and put under pressure , operating noisy machines , those Italians still smiling joking patients and helpful … it ‘s a blessing to work with them .


hayseed said...

what visually beautiful images, I'll be back!

Pascale said...

C'est une très bonne idée de nous montrer la fabrication du tissu!


viera said...

Isn't it magic of creation.
Have a great weekend

Zelda said...

Hayseed / your are allways welcom

Pascale; bientot je vous montre lq production , elle est sublime, si vous avez besoin de trevira cs pour les hotels et restaux n'hesitez pqs q me demander je peut tout faire fabriquer dans cette fibre .

Viera / creation is the most beautifull gift we are given and humain has no limits I'm allways amazed about what ae can do when we blend together

ps. sorry it's an azerty pc grrrrrrrr8!!!!!!!!!!