Thursday, September 11, 2008

Better home made than never! the system D+

8 weeks for the order at Zuber wall paper ... and it cost a fortune, I made hand painted on “canvas” in 10 days 4 masters ,perfectly cut to size … I’ m so happy with the result .


viera said...

Great job and very lovely room.

Pascale said...

Il y a de quoi être heureuse du résultat, c'est magnifique !


Mélanie said...

It was worth it ! I love the result ! This grisaille wallpaper is stunning

Zelda said...

melanies , it is not wallpaper , it hand peinted , the wall paper was to long to wait for .. so we did it on a canvas and acrilic peint .
Pascale merci , de vous c'est un jugement de grande valeur .

Viera ... i know you love peinting ..thank you for folowing my work so closely .-)

franki durbin said...

that is magnificent looking!

Anonymous said...