Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ATRIUM is so ROME-antique

I totally adore that word ! a-tri-um . isn’t it so Rome-antique ?
I design that Atrium in that big Arabic palace that I’m doing now. It’s just a previous presentation nothing technical really , actually the h. has changes since than for municipality reasons… well I just love that piece I spend lots of time designing it .


david santos said...

Great work!!!

Mariafer said...

Beautiul, congrats!!

viera said...

Thank you for leaving lovely comment on my blog.
Your work is very interesting.

Elizabeth Champelovier said...

Les projets sont vraiment superbes.
Et merci pour le lien. J'aime beaucoup votre blog et ce que vous y présenté.

Zelda said...

David thank you so much for the !!!!!! more you put some ! more you made me happy ;-)i feel you are sincere

Ho dear God Mariafer , the all idea of you blog is “Unpretentiousness” and here you are … in my so ploum ploum gold gold blog , I swear … my work might be a bit pretentious but I’m not ,,,… I hop. And any way when you manufacture luxury it looses its shine and it magical glam .

Viera .
I really mean it ! !!

Alizabeth : je suis une fan du votre .