Monday, September 8, 2008

When the salon means “Salam”

Here is the elevation of a diwanya that I recently designed in one of a big project that I’m doing now .
It is one of the most important rooms in an Arabic living house. Every room are kind of special and sophisticated but the diwanya is the heart of the social and family life witch take a huge place in the Arabic life style all year long .
The inspiration is mostly Ottoman, Syrian Lebanese influence wish were included in the Ottoman empire. That style is rich and luxurious, request a tremendous amount of hand work from fine craftsman from the area. … Lucky me …. I’m in the region!.
To design that house I studied Ottoman architecture and details intensively for more than 2 years, following rules and symbolic.


viera said...

Colours are just gorgeous

Zelda said...

Well Viera I need your support and thanks so much for it , I know my style is a bit zamzam but like we say here … whattodo …