Wednesday, January 28, 2009

some more pics of the show room


Beaux Mondes Designs said...

I get so excited yet at the same time, depressed when I visit your blog. I wish I were you:-( Your showroom and pieces are what my dreams are made of. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration.

Paris Atelier said...

How could one pack so much beauty into one showroom! It's like everything you touch is perfection! Oh, how I wish I could see it in person! Just fabulous :)
Much Love,

Zelda said...

JUDITH my sweet heart ! why don't you come and see ? ... but I'm telling you , whenever i touch a computor it has something wrong , same as tv, printer ,remot control , my nails are a mess as well as my hair 60 % of the day , and i'm careless with my car ,it's a bedouin caravan . so don't worry my dear it's not so perfect , and if it was ... what a borrrriiiinnnnng life ! ;-)
love and big hugh

Hi :beau monde" You really touch me ! and I'm sure you will make your dream , it's just a mater of time and desire ... if you need help of any kind , I 'll be glad to help you ,

Love Your Homes said...

Bonjour Zelda, I just have to write you a few lines to let you know I think you are being so fortunate with your showroom and all this great potential of yours.

I would love to have a hand or two to help me out sometimes with the tricky parts, but I end up doing them myself being way to meticulous with even smaller things.

Your work looks fabulous.....

Do you have any french peolpe working with you or are you the only one.....


viera said...

What an amazing space and most of all that zig zag floor is just perfect.You are so lucky,Zelda!!!