Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Color talk

~The exact same bed with an other color The exact same bed room but with an other color 


Love Your Homes said...

Love the passementiers in this post, are they from your own collection........


Paris Atelier said...

OH! It's so hard to choose a favorite! So beautiful! You are very talented.
Much Love,

Zelda said...

Hi Judith , yesterday i reply to you a looong text , and don't know why it it did not publish ,,, I'm still domy posting stuff .
was telling you that . in wester world we do yoga to boost our self estim , here it's all about living in princess environment ;-) ... wish is very good for me because I adore making them it's so fun !
and yes, I'm busy but I'm lucky to have 300 craftsmen to actually do all that furniture , curtains , embroideries , trimings tassels and so on , yes we also do our tassels .
Hi Ingela : yes dear , we are doing our own passementerie , I 'm very meticulous in colors and design as well as quality , if i want to buy them from europe , it is way to costly , I need to keep decent prices ... you know ! so , because we are lucky to deal with quantity we can manufacture our own product and design , wish I believe is pretty unic in that field , designers who can, don't bother to design and supervise and stock all that stuff , instead of 6 month efforts and investments it's 5 minutes order at client's account .
and also to find sources and craftsmanship is a tomb raider hunt around the world trust me ! ;-)

Big Hugh to both of you , I really value your support the 2 of of you especially .