Friday, January 23, 2009

The pillow secret ,the miracle of the week

Freshly releases from the embroidery section of the factory.

The strange story of the heart.

One of the craftsmen is extremely talented young man forms a village in India, he hasn’t seen many things in his life, but he actually draws that pattern under my eyes! He had no idea that unconsciously he was designing the “st Hubert “ catholic symbol all those that young man is Muslim.

I found it very weird; he did not copy it anywhere.

So I let him do it. And that little cushions are my very special little miracle of the week. 


Paris Atelier said...

The beauty that comes out of your workshop never ceases to amaze me. How beautiful. Truly fit for a king! And to have such talent working with you! A blessing :)
My best wishes to you Zelda!
I loved that link you sent me for the chateaux, you are never ending source of information! Thank you!

Willow Decor: said...

Such a lovely pillow. Just found your site via Cote De Texas. Anxious to look around and I will be back!

Zelda said...

hi dear Judith , you are so sweet and so motivating ... really need it , market is not so good this days ,`i guess we are at the end of the food chain .
I'm seeking an idea for good advertising . feel a bit lost .
that chateau was my home .

Hi Gina . I feel very honored to be in cote taxas list ! that woman is a monument in the interior design world .
hop you'll not be to anxious ,:-) you are very welcome

ArchitectDesign said...

Oh these are so beautiful -i especially love that first one with the plain background!

rain girl said...

hey there! that pattern made by the Indian craftsman is actually pretty common here in India. Something in our traditions, as a aprt of our culture. You will find it embroided on our duppattas (a kind of scarf, but very sacred), our bedsheets etc.