Sunday, January 25, 2009

The DOMAIN Show room

I promise I will upload more picture of the Show room; it’s not totally finish still waiting for accessories between Atlantic Ocean and Suez Canal somewhere.

Plus : I did about 200 shots and need to select … so a bit every day . stay tune ! 


ArchitectDesign said...

I would love to visit your shop -so chic! I love the grey background, it makes everything POP and look fantastic!

Paris Atelier said...

Breathtaking Zelda. So beautiful. Your talent is evident! I wish you good thoughts all the way from here :)
Best wishes,

Patricia Gray said...

Your showroom is very beautiful!!

niartist said...

What a great shop!

قانونى كويتي said...

شغل متعوب عليه

بانتظار القادم يا مهندستنا الشاطرة