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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baroquissimo and Baroquissima

I couldn't wait to stick that fabric on a chair!
The painting departments hurry to silver 2 couples of fauteuil a la reine. And "yalla" up to the upholstery section to be dressed …
Decadent for sure , baroquissimo absolutely ! So I decided to name them that way, Baroquissimo and Baroquissima …

Special thanks to my friend Judith " Paris atelier " wish has been ,and will always be, a great source of inspiration for me , she's American from California and know better French culture than French . . . She spotlight that blog today on her blog and I feel very honored .
Thank you Judith …


TheDecoDetective said...

Oh, this is so beautiful! I found you via Paris Atelier. Looks like you've got a very interesting life and work!

MIMILEE said...

So beautiful! So glad I found you through Paris Atelier! I love anything FRENCH!! Love your taste and those fabrics are to die for!!


Love Your Homes said...

Dear Zelda.

Many thanks for your comment on my blog.

This is my e-mail address to the workshop;

Look forward hearing from you, to see if I can help you out in any way.

Lovely chairs, the contasts are fab...

Amicalement Ingela

Cote de Texas said...

you have your own fabric line? these are gorgeous!!!!!!!!

Zelda said...

yes I do . it's a long process , Yes But its worsted, I do have more on the way, shipping today actually.
Will post it as soon as I receive them.
I do have my own passementerie line to; I weave them on very old machines from 19 century found in Egypt. Will post it soon to. But the opening of my new showroom and my clients take all my time.

I'm very honored you came by , you really value your opinion . thank you very much for your support …. Sorry for spelling mistakes !!!