Friday, March 6, 2009

Working at home : Not a good idea


Paris Atelier said...

How cute! What great assistants you have! Thank you for all of the well wishes Zelda! I have missed you I can't wait to catch up on reading how you've been and how the factory is fairing! I hope all is well :)

Felix Orti said...

:) these shots are too cute, I love your cats!

Love Your Homes said...

Such darlings of yours, I have one myself at home.
He is the master of the household.

Have a great weekend Zelda.

Talk to you later, I have to work, have a deadline and a cold, not a good combo.


Juli said...

It appears to be something in a cat's genes. I have many books I use that have random muddy pawprints on pages because some happy feline decided he definitely wanted to have a lie down right in front of me, regardless of what I was doing (or reading) just then...
But don't ya just love 'em anyway?

Zelda said...

Hi july ,,,, ho I see , so it's universal behavior ,,,, and the haiiiiirrrr every wwwhhheeerrreee .... he he but yes we do love them !!

Home Interior Design Themes said...

I usually have a cat or two beside me as I work. They can be a great distraction, both in their beauty and their desire to play. :)