Monday, March 9, 2009

there is a life outside Domain... juste at the gate

This is my daily life , here is the palm outside the factory on the street , those tow Egyptian guys are experts in cutting palms without damaging it , it’s a hell of a work so dangerous ,

And this is my dear sweet Durrah with Abou harith my best kuwaity friend they were going for a walk wile I was going to work after riding in the desert . .  . the factory is right next to the stable in the desert …. It nt ‘it such good luck ? 


Love Your Homes said...
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Love Your Homes said...

Bonjour Zelda, a princesa on her white springer.
Must be lovely for you to work next to the stables.

Beautiful horse....and cats too, by the way!

Bisou Ingela

Patricia Gray said...

I always wondered how they trimmed the palm trees. Thanks for the fascinating pictures and a look at your 'life'.
Kind Regards
Patricia from Vancouver

Zelda said...

Hi Ingela and Patricia .... actually , the stable is an important part of Domain . the Owner is a horse fan and has some race horses to , his children are riding with me we have 4 horse for riding mine and theirs , I teach every one and my coworkers to longe and take care of them and ride somtime . the wood shaving of the factory is the beding for the stables .
when we finish the office we ride in the sunset . it's MAGIC every day . I feel very lucky for that and it calm down all the stress of the day .

christian barnard landscape studio said...
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christian barnard landscape studio said...

The palm has such a presence.