Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baghdad snap shot ...

On the way to Baghdad , it is allways a mystery , no Desk , no time, no pc , no announcement . well you never know when you will arrive to Baghdad and by wish way , I think we have land on all the bases in nowhere of the iraqi desert ! and I could grab an apple in the plane baging for it ... Skylink is the most grrr..... airline company on the planet! the Pilot was drunk going around the aircraft with his whisky in the hand . and when we are on time to take of , it the plain that have technical problem !!! trust me !! go by royal Jordan next time !! enjoying an evening in Aman and no more of those south african over priced air crap . 
In the care at my feet ,,, but I sweat if I ever had to use it I have no idea how !!! it look like a toy meeting new friends on site 
with my collague Isan holding a bedouin guittar 
at the airport in the Babylon hall ,, love that name with my emiraty body guard . 
the best restaurant in town you have no idea how creative they are ,,,, the deco is a must ,,,, it's a chinese restaurant serving shish kebab ,,, averything is possible in Baghdad 


Ophir Collection said...

Wow, Baghdad...Sounds like a very exciting ride to there..(smile)
Uhmm.. will I ever travel there? (not sure..) Have a safe trip!!

Ophir Collection.

vicki archer said...

Safe travels Zelda - stay safe and have a happy weekend, xv.