Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Principessa Napolitana

I could not wait to post it . 

Now that I received my new fabric exclusively done ,design and manufactured for DOMAIN, here is my principessa Napolitana "my Neapolitan princess. Ok ... Arabic version. But can’t we keep a bit of dream of the passed? 



Love Your Homes said...

Such a lovely lavender of my favourite colours right now.

The daylight is returning to Scandinavia very fast now and we tend to be influenced by the spring palette for a while.

I guess that is not the case in the it more of constant colour theme?


Mélanie said...

Je suis toujours bluffée par la qualité de vos réalisations ....Les tissus sont magnifiques , les fauteuils et leurs garnitures de très grande qualité ! BRAVO de perpétuer ce travail à la française

Zelda said...

Hi Ingela . well I would say Kuwait has no color . The bright sun is swelling anything that has colors or shade . the dust is all over and the sky is rarly deep blue . the sun set is exceptional ! but extremely fast , not like you where it last over and over for the full day almost . the day is rythme by praying time my favorit is the Magreb prayer at exact sunset when all the mosques celebrate the fire in the sky . it very romantic and it is at that special time that I usually ride my horses in the desert every single day of my life … I m so lucky .
Spring time must be a hell of a celebration in your country !! I can not imagine having a day that last 2 ours …. What a punishment ! but you probably have lot of great stuff indoor . maybe one day you 'll come and visit me . why not .

Melanie , you really give me strength , this blog is not very popular among the blogosphere ,all those everything posted here is HOME MADE , and is entirely dedicated to my work and my company, which is not very often seen . I don’t really have time to brows on other blogs to, I'm a busy person if you see what I mean.
But thank you so much again , I need a bit of a support .

F.Y said...

beautiful combination of colors. I love your designs they are so unique and different. Keep posting! :)

vicki archer said...

The fabric is the most beautiful colour Zelda - so sumptious, congratulations to you, xv.

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

What a beautiful fabric.

Pascale said...

Tu me donnes envie de travailler ces merveilleux tissus. Les photos sont sublimes, on pourrait presque les toucher...