Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The romantic side of the wall

Since I’m little , this is pretty much the surrounding of my life . my parents were Antique dealers and I thing I have rarely saw a ‘tableau ‘ hanged on a wall properly , but piling against the wall .every peace of furniture was a part of the stock included my bed , my second third fourth ….. bed , my desk ,anything was coming from “demeurs” living with us for some time a gone again .

For me all this stuff never really represent a “faire valoir” for a house owner , it has never been a external sign of wealth . in contrary . and until now ,even with that type of career that I embraced with true joy , it still not so important to be so tidy , neat , matching every single stuff  ,perfectly in order , I love dust , I love to see a king’s socks up side down , painting peeling  on stuccos , old trace of a tableau on a faded damask , books piling were it should ‘nt ,muddy riding boots on Aubusson carpet  . I know my client will be horrified if they read that. But the most important of all , my home is for me not for a Photoshop of me .  


vicki archer said...

I agree totally Zelda, xv.

Love Your Homes said...

You're absolutely right, a home has to stay alive.

What a joy growing up surrounded by antiques.


viera said...

Very true. Designers rarely live in what they create. Design is very personal and our job is truly special.

Maggie May said...

oh i am exactly the same!