Friday, July 10, 2009

Fusey-fissa the tarte-tatin mosaic technique

A little project of diwanya "oriental salon"

It's a little bit like 'tate tatin' the one you cook up side down and you see the result at the last .

et voila


Love Your Homes said...

I'm clapping hands.....just love good craftsmen work!
Never think I would have a chance to watch this without your post.


Love Your Homes said...

Answer to your the sun barely sets at 2300 and starts rising again around 0200. Sometimes you forget it is late at night.

Zelda said...

hOLY Mother !! that's in the meddle of the night !!! already when I was in italy this month it was still day light at 8,30 it was so confusing for me I'm use to day and night between 6 to 6.10 . the sunset is in a hurry !

but that's must be nice to enjoy long long evening outdoor with such fantastic nature