Friday, July 17, 2009

My humble home .

People think that interior designers actually live in what they do . it’s maybe true for some of them , but over all , they like to keep it simple . and don't have much time elaborate any way , it’s just a place to sleep and a playground for animals .


Cote de Texas said...

aboslutely lovely!!!!!!

Love Your Homes said...

I like it humble as well....hope you are well.

studioJudith said...

Lovely, indeed.
Interesting that you use such strong color in your work and chose to live in a neutral palette.
I find that many artists (myself included!) make a similar choice.
It's as if we need a place to rest our eyes.

Zelda said...

Dear Judith, you are totally right , but also I live in the arab world where colors are synonym of richness because outside has no color at all my clients are emotionally involve with colors it's a need . . in europ since the 19 century colors are barely accepted, it's an old "christian"reflex , colors are vulgar...bla bla bla ,,, dress code and so on .... that is why I feel so free here :-) where every one has to were black abaya and white dishdasha ... what a contradiction of life !!!
Ingela : yes I'm like you , but I don't have much choice here like you have .
thank you so much , I'love your home too it's so cosy and frenchy ,,,

Mélanie said...

You are totally right ! Sometimes when I get home, I ask myselk , why shoul I hire an interior decorator to fix everything ! But your home looks peaceful and lovely