Thursday, July 23, 2009

The best master piece ever done in Domain in my opinion

Here it is !!, it came out yesterday after a month hiding in the mother of pearl workshop, they cut and inlaid 60 000 pc of mother of pearl by hand , this is not manufacturing this is pure science fiction !!
The picture is nothing compare to the reality , it is so vibrant the light simply become magical ones hiting those countless peaces of sea jewel , enjoy !!


Mélanie said...

This is simply incredible! What a fantastic work . You are so lucky to be surrounded by such artist !!!I can imagine the light lying on it

Julio said...

FABULOUS!!! Such intricate detailing. I can't get over the mother of pearl inlaid by hand. That is a priceless piece of work. Thank you for sharing Zelda! Have a great weekend


vicki archer said...

Incredible and amazing work Zelda..Enjoy the rest of your weekend, xv.

Zelda said...

HE HE Melanie and you know what , I'm the only woman ;-) in the all companie

Julio : you exactely said the word " intricate" in Syrian standard of value more is it intricate more they consider it as rich ..well , it is not allways happy ending trust me ! heavy tacky stuff sometime kill the work . any way ,, this table is some haw simple and "intricate " thank you for passing by

Vicckkkkiii ,,my week end is only on friday , poor me, I do agree it is hard to beleive this table ..

Jackie Von Tobel said...

That piece is absolutely stunning! It is so wonderful to read your blog and see that true craftsmanship is still alive in the world. It has disappeared here in the US. A shame....

Anonymous said...

Dear Zelda,

Thank you for your visit to our booth at Maison & Objet. I can see why you where interested in our tables with MoP inlays! you have a very nice portfolio and i wish you luck and hope for future collaboration with you.

Best regards

Fady Saliba