Wednesday, August 12, 2009


In the meddle East, when it comes to interior , the culture still very much like behind close doors of the Sarai . It is almost impossible to take picture of your work and show it to the world this is absolute taboo, no way, forbidden, not even think about it.

This is one of the condition, if you want to be an interior designer in that part of the world, forget the fame, the books, the magazines, the website, the catalogue , what ever you do is bared for ever . Your name is not as interesting as your nationality , it’s just weird and I still don’t get it .

Anyway , some very few costumer “foreigners” let us take some pictures.

Foreigners are not allow to own a place, therefore decoration remain casual simple easy to load in a container at any time.

Here is the house of my Japanese friend Keiko , she adore Frank Roop design (not available here) she asked me to make her furniture inspired by his design . She did the rest carpet table accessories lighting . It turn very pretty and cozy in her huge house .


viera said...

Zelda you did fantastic Frank Roop Style room for your friend.
Well done.

Zelda said...

Thanks for giving me the right spelling ;-) he he ...