Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family home –chapter one

The grand Salon 
Very smart double windows 
the salon chemine
I love the just renovated parquet each room is different and very original 
cool bath room 

Old porcelain eater ,typically Swiss 
the veranda ... delightful evenings 

I deliberately post the pictures of my family house as it is , without stylish elaborate set up accessories or lighting . I believe the beauty of an interior  is in the spontaneous living . It's  a very classic old house that my sister and her husband just renovated in Geneva . it’s unfinished and a bit empty , but they don’t have to show of anything , or proved anything either . they just live in a beautiful family home with lost of kids, lots of joy ,lots of friends . and this is what mater , the decoration is a bonus that is coming with time 


Love Your Homes said...

Dear Zelda, I agree with you,I happy just looking at theese beautiful floors and windows....lucky sister of yours.

I had to smile a bit on your comment....ugly eating. The Google translator really acts weird sometimes.

Take care,

Zelda said...

it is not Google translator , it's Zelda's translation ;-) I know some time it turns weird this is the goal .

mimi said...

Architecture is so important and this home has it! Gorgeous.

the paris apartment said...

Wow Zelda, your life and homes are just filled with so much beauty!

Dandy said...

What a lovely house. I love your blog. I am so glad I found it.