Friday, August 7, 2009

A day in DOMAIN

some color combination for a new bed room ,,,, YES this is orange ! I know , it's a new color for me 
Dalwar Mr"shturul-professional"  and Ibrahim super man-production manager  
on the way to Damascus Syria 
in transit truck 
nice cushions 

some super nice cushions 
framing old books and gravure from my mother 
some framing work 

special Bed cover 


viera said...

What a busy, productive day. I looove super nice coral cushion.

vicki archer said...

A very busy day by the looks of it Zelda, xv.

Zelda said...

yes ! it's a busy Factory, the showrooms are doing well so we have to keep the rhythm , we are in the meddle of summer it's 50 Celsius outside , they really are hard workers ! god bless them .

Oliveaux said...

Its always great to see action! Loving the coral cushion and frames. Hope you all stay cool - the heat can be so exhausting! Ax

Zelda said...

hi Olivaux . yea well ,, heat is verry difficult ,the 3 days after they loaded 3 40 feet container for Iraq , it was very hard , the temp.inside containers was unbearable !. I really feel for them .

Mélanie said...

What a busy day , love the coral cushion