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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yelow and gold ..... yes I know ,... but this is for a prince

And a prince is a prince any where


Alkemie said...

WOW! I totally love this chair. The finish and the fabric. FOr royalty indeed.

Karen ^_^

Be the change..... said...

That upholstery is fabulous!

Zelda said...

I doing the upholstry and the piece of furniture to ... in my factory , all by hand ! I draw each peace of wood by hand to .

franki durbin said...

wow. stunning. Fit for a king in my book ;)

Pascale said...

Les tissus sont magnifiques,c'est du très beau travail.


Redgate Studios said...

I love this! It must be so wonderful to have the ability to get these beautiful pieces made up to your design.

Mélanie said...

Ce fauteuil a chassis est fabuleux !! Ce fauteuil a été fabriqué dans vos ateliers ??? Bravo !
Et le travail de tapissier est merveilleux !
Un vrai fauteuil de roi