Friday, October 31, 2008

My American dream alive .

After visiting high point in north Carolina to meet one of a the top designers group in Florida
Simmon and Saray Lauree and Julie tow absolutely adorable ladies and team who gave us a ride thru the enormous furniture city , they have been coming in that place for decades and this is the only way to filter the tremendous amount of goods available , a very interesting exhibition totally different than exhibitions in Europe I have to say ,

Than we head on to Florida Miami and around to meet other designers and join Lauree and Julie at their very impressive office and Show room

The theme there in palm beach ,south beach ,Jupiter ,and so on ,seams to be very Mediterranean Italian, they are completely obsessed with Toscany style even if some time it not so much European any more .never mind it’s the flair and the speech that matter, they live happily ever after in magnificent mentions surrounded by gorgeous nature, , they respect their environment and preserve nature .
Why Italian style became so much a reference here ,
I found the answer here ! this is the ultimate luxury the reference of wealth and abundance . if that guy had build a Swedish pavilion at that time I think Palm Beach would look like Stockholm . it is not exactly Italian more of an European salad but well done I have to admit ! it was build at the beginning of the century and for a century they keep fascinated by the style . well the furniture are for most of them originals antiques from Europe , they did not adopted the proportion cause by the confi-lyfe-style turn everything into massive huge piece of furniture , lots of electronique that pop up every where ,that’s funny how remote control addict they became , I’m wondering the logistique of having so many around the house .
Any way the place is realy stuning and I simply love it . and if a louis Philippe secretaire become a Venetians dresser …. What the hack! As long as it make people happy !

I will put some picture tomorrow .... sorry for delay

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