Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Objet de curiosite - vibrate !!!

I have always admire this company , despite the fact that my clients never liked it culture chock  I guess , they are not ready for that yet here in kuwait  ,  the anti conventional spirit of this collection is so  vibrant  so poetically unreal and at the same time so real . it's just what a house with soul need . . . As long as the palace remain an political act  a demonstration of power and wealth it will remain soul less . wake up people ! and live life ! vibrate ! express yourself !  

Objet de curiosite
First appearing during the Renaissance in Europe, the 'curiosity cabinet' was the forerunner of the natural history museum

It was a place where amazing objects, collected with a certain taste for diversity and the unusual, were displayed.

What we wanted to do was give the curiosity cabinet a new style and bring it into the world of interior design, so as to combine the beauty of Nature with the aesthetics of a place and a period
That’s why we're constantly on the look-out around the world to unearth genuine natural curiosities, and we work on a broad range of accessories that have a strong cultural connotation.

We make something beautiful out of the extraordinary things Nature has created.


Viera said...

Thank you Zelda for lovely comments. These curiosites are fantastic. I just applied for login. Not sure if they can be shiped to Australia. We have such a funny rules here. Will see.
Have a nice day

Elizabeth Champelovier said...

les cabinets de curiosités sont fascinant et les coquillages très beaux

Anonymous said...

I just read your post, and i want to tell you thank !
I work in this brand and you know, we can shit to australia.

Zelda said...

@ Anonymous from "cabinet de curiosite ... thanks for passing by ... I"m sure you can ship :-)