Thursday, March 10, 2011

Copycat Killed the cat

I had numerous clients coming to me with a bunch of pictureS telling me "please" because they are polite , "do this !" because they do not trust by nature

Therefore the Middle East is often a caricature of western design in the worst case , a patchwork of dramatic details clash … in the best case the "imported" Designer deal with respectful Clients his own way "take it or live it" with a coherent result that LOOK GOOD !

When you go to a restaurant I doubt that you right away run into the kitchen and teach the chef what to do , to finally cook your own dish before his astonishing eyes .

Well home food is good ! gourmet food done by a professional is even better.

That is why you are coming to us , designers . exploring the internet jungle , finding gazillion sources , marathon in "professional only" exhibitions ,dealing with manufacturers on your own for "ONE" item does not make any sense . sit back and enjoy the cruise , you're not in a pirogue and have to row .

This attitude make the good designer run way but the imposterdesigners glue with a sticky "yes sir" to grab commissions in each one of your foot print .

A designer is an Artist , someone with another vision who use different spices, open your taste open you eyes ,your life to an other dimension , listen to him let him be your mirror the one that's makes you more beautiful and happy . as soon as you bridled him your expectations are ruin !!

Now if you need a secretary , a coordinator , a draftsman . get yourself a contractor .