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Friday, April 3, 2009

Dar Al Noor in old Damascus

Dear everyone
I'm posting blindly... as you know just the blog dashboard is accessible .

here is the DAR AL NOOR , the house of Noor (light) just open 3 month ago freshly renewed in the old Damascus , still unfinished here and there but it give the place an additional charm .
please have a look

I'm fowling in love with that Medina ! this city is a treasure, unspoiled by heavy tourism , people are authentic and absolutely adorable! not pushy just simple cute helpful , happy to help , with that so special oriental hospitality.

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Love Your Homes said...

Bonjour Zelda,
what an exiting place this must be, I guess it's like a dream.
I have just visited JAB's showroom here in Stockholm and had look at their new collection Grandezza, quite grand and exotic, just the right thing for for you...