Thursday, April 9, 2009

Damas interior ... the hiden pearl

Damas use to smell orange and lemon blossom , each courtyard has it own citrus trees ,
Today the hard pollution covered the city with a nasty black cloud , but in the old city you can still fine some tiny paradise who heardly survived .

wooden furnitur are made of complicated complexe design inlead with mother of pearl ,camel bones ,silver, and so one , nothing is simple nothing is plain , it is for them the ultimate richness ... the menwork the crafsmanship is the value

walls are covered with 3 types of stones from lime stone to basalt , it's a Fatemit style of construction . the decorations are carved in the stone and fillup with colored ciment , they still doing tha work perfectly .
most of the time the first floor walls are made of mud breaks into a wooden skeleten ,,, it's stay for ever dancing walls around the city nothing is streat ! and nothing fowl it is miracle

That type of marble worke is a bit mor luxurious than normal , but the comun floors are very sophisticate any way
lots of turkish Otoman heritage


Paris Atelier said...

Wow! Zelda, those pictures are amazing. I love the walls. So pretty. Are you home now!?! No need to make illegal posts? :) I hope you had a wonderful trip and I love the images you shared with us on the post! Beautiful!

Love Your Homes said...

Absolutely stunning, this is a magic part of the world when it comes to architecture....


Zelda said...

hi Judith
No I "m still in Damas , but I use special proxi to be able to oppen my blog and finnaly read your words .
actually Damas will be my secound home,

Hi Ingela .
yes the architecture has nothing to do with what we know from europ . it is very much like the poeples ... you need to dig to find the real personality .