Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More details of the pink salon


christian barnard landscape studio said...

What a magnificent space!

Love Your Homes said...

Dear Zelda,
I guess this makes me realize this big tanker you are in charge off.....impressive

I also see what you mean by showing glimpses of the the work in respect of your customers...I always think of that too.

viera said...

You did an exquisite job. Pink and grey works perfect!

Zelda said...

Christian: thank you so much.
Ingela:when I was working on this projects wish were several palaces for the royal family I was not yet working in domain ,but I was a client and was following my work closely in the factory, that is why I became the interior designer art director .
I do have some restrictions for most of my clients, that is why I'm posting not even 10% of it .

Zelda said...

viera : thank you it's green... iot's also good .

Pascale said...

Tout ce que tu nous présente n'est que luxe est beauté, à chaque visite sur ton blog je m'évade un instant dans cet univers de luxe.