Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let it be ! let it go

Beauty is the delicate blend of chaos, and order. Let it go, let it be, let the book outside the shelve, let the fabric wrinkle, let the cushions laid down on the wrong side, let the carpet with cat foot print, let the dust traveling around, live and let it live. 


Love Your Homes said...

So true Zelda dear,
I alway mess up my workshop before the final work is completed, I even find it hard to see the final result ever coming to an end and then....suddenly it is all like magic and relief to see a long time of work finally accomplished.

A slight touch of asymmetri brings better harmony and is comforting for the eye.
That is why the rococo style is still so popular, I was once tought.
What do you think?


vicki archer said...

Well said Zelda, xv.

Zelda said...

The best example is to take the portrait of a beautiful woman and cut her face in 2 identical part , mirror image one part and stick it on the other one , she will look like a monster ! It is simply as that! Nature itself is controlled by random symmetrical asymmetry . rococo style is mainly inspired by 'rocailles' rocks caves and corals , or vegetal abundance , it's bold , it's gutsy , this is what is all about this days .
When it 's to pretty to clean to tidy it doesn't speak any more . Freedom your senses freedom your mess, it's you and that is what your living space is made of. Us designers we are here to unleashed your creativity your personality! Let us do it! Don’t try to be someone eels that you like in a magazines by millimeter , it's a lie to yourself and to your guest .
Ingela: I'm talking in general . because in order to be creative as you are you have to be messy somehow . and that is the advantage of that artist .
Take care my dear and good work .

Vicki , thanks you dear , in the world of prettiness and perfection I need support ;-)

christian barnard landscape studio said...

Thank you for your kind words Zelda. Your blog looks intriguing and I will continue to follow.

Pascale said...

C'est vrai que la recherche de la perfection est sans fin...Mais n'est ce pas la quête de l'artisan que de vouloir se rapprocher au maximum de la perfection?
Au fait c'est une bonne idée de me proposer de former tes employés. Qui sait peut être un jour nos chemins se croiserons...