Sunday, July 17, 2011

Made in China means ;fine taste , elegance and beauty / visiting red capital ranch

Made in China  means ;fine taste , elegance , beauty , nothing show of or outrageously tacky and over done , I'm in love with the true Chinese identity architecture and interior , a balance between needs , believes ,incredible skills, patience , and over all a rich result even then you can visit a very poor village house beauty is always always there !

as long as the modern world did not reach the place it remain fascinatingly enchanting . China is and will always be a very important lesson of interior design and architecture for me the evidence of beauty and need combined

It is sad that the world cheap market spoiled China 's noble letters

Here are the Picture taken at the "red capital Ranch " in the Manchuria province at the great wall feet where the little houses are build . it is an absolute enchantment to be there . it is actually a little Tibetan place in China unusual to see them there , you eat Tibetan as well . a very interesting experience  



My Castle in Spain said...

Oozing with beauty ! and i love the portrait of the young woman in this blue dress :-)
yes, it's sad how China took this aggressive market turn...

Zelda said...

China was always beautiful and refined , it's just that the revolution and the low prices product gave the world a complete other image . But as soon as you step in this land and culture you understand that in fact .... We are the primitives :)) no ofence ... This guys have a much longer history than us and you can feel it there .

Fidji said...

Just discovered your blog . It is 7 am in Paris, those blissfull and serene hours of early morning and I fall on your peaceful, quiet pictures of China. The simple and natural elegance so well set in such scenery. You've made my day.
Fidji from Irresistibleparis